Bohemian Codes

Berlin, Germany
World Traveller
Aspiring front-end web developer
Worshipper of Nature
Devotee of Freedom

Welcome to my humble page. It is a work in progress to both improve and test my coding and designing skills (as a little HTML/CSS Playground) as well as to connect to potential co-workers, employers and like-minded people. Alright, here's a little introduction about me.

I spent many years of my life traveling. In February 2010, my heart called me to quit the university studies I was half-heartedly pursuing at the time and gave me a little push to follow my wish to travel. 2011, at the age of 27, I embarked on a colorful long-term odysee that satisfied my heart's longings and transformed into a profound inwards journey as well.

Since then I have visited 21 countries on 4 continents. But, I never had intentions collecting stamps or breaking any records. I have re-visited places many times, like my beloved Southern Mexico. I always travelled on a shoestring, just making enough money on the go.

I maintained a small, simple blog 'finding neverland' about my trips.

Then, In 2014, I first set foot onto the fair island of Ireland. I fell in love at once. It was to unfold as a beautiful relationship. I still come and go, but she is growing close to my heart. I currently live back in the wild western part of the Emerald Isle - and I don't know if I could ever leave her for good. I must admit, she is always very kind to me, lifts me up when I am down, with her blue skies and sheepy clouds, magnificent wild landscapes and magical water's edges to contemplate into the nature of life.

Now, after having passed the threshold of 30 and feeling very pleased to have had so many beautiful experiences around the world, I did start to feel it is time for another profound change in my life. The times of budget traveling, sleeping in hammocks and picking cherries are but beautiful memories. I might even say, it was time to grow up a little, find a well-paying work I am passionate about, and a way to connect with the world that is so rapidly evolving all around.

Becoming a Web Developer seems to have it all: an environment where you constantly evolve and learn, where you have the possibility to be flexible and free with the jobs you take, the chance to make good money if you want, become part of a large community and have a work that challenges you. During my jobs in customer service I learnt, that even though I enjoy helping people, I really crave for a challenge that satisfies both my creative and analytical mind.

A transition from gipzy-traveler to zen-coding!